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Adrienne Herr is a poet and performer whose work expands from a dissolving split between material and immaterial.

2023 Eavesdropping. Scherben Scherben, Berlin, Germany. Sound Installation & Sculpture.
2022 Dutch Institute of Art. Centrale Fies, Trento, Italy. Performance.
2022 Amatter. Cittipunkt, Berlin, Germany. Performance.
2020 BATEARS. Exile, Vienna, Austria. Sculpture & Performance.
2020 Schloss Salon, Berlin, Germany. Performance.
2019 Light Works. Novembre Magazine, Paris, France. Performance.
2019 Nome d’Us. Shore Gallery, Vienna, Austria. Video installation & performance.
2018 Performance Studies Department of NYU. Performance with Kim Rosenfield.
2015 My Scion Gallery, Portland, OR. Video.
2013 Reed Arts Week, Portland, OR. Text installation.

2023 Sound Plays. Fence Journal, forthcoming
2022 Public Cloud Formations. TLTRPress
2022 The Crossing. form.iv edited by Isabel Mallet
2022 Two Poems. Spectra
2021 MUSEUM ISLAND. Published in German translation, Edit Literaturzeitschrift
2021 flight logs. EXILE
2019 questions for the egret with Vi Khi Nao. Tagvverk
2017 Your legacy contact. Tagvverk
2016 Namesake. Arachne Journal

2022 KEITHLLC Press, Brickbat Books. With Ulla Strauss, Zoe Darsee, and Katie Ebbitt.
2021 Silver Park Arts, Los Angeles, CA. With Yves B. Golden, Zoe Darsee, and Rosie Stockton.
2021 With Bernadette Mayer, Ivanna Baranova, and Zoe Darsee.
2020 Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin, Germany. With Natalie Mariko, Jessica Aimufua, Nina Kettiger, and Bitsy Knox.
2019 With Rachelle Rahmé, Isabel Mallet, and Zoe Brezsny.
2019 TABLOID Press, Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin. With Nat Marcus and Zoe Darsee.
2018 Topos Bookstore. With Cristine Brache, Lora Nouk, and Heide Hatry.
2018 Spoonbill & Sugartown Books. With Anne Waldman, Zoe Brezsny, Nkosi Nkululeko, Devin Brahja Waldman, and Bentley Anderson.
2017 Poetic Research Bureau. With Kayla Ephros, Alix Vollum, and Dayton Castleman.
2017 Motto Books. With Nadia de Vries, Alexandra Myshalov, and Waldon Pardon.
2017 CIXOUS 72. With Elaine Kahn, LA Warman, Natalia Panzer, and Zoe Darsee.
2017 Solo performance: Jump over a rope while reading text messages until tired Picture Room, New York, USA
2016 Solo performance: Jump over a rope while reading text messages until tired Farewell Books, Austin, USA
2012 Solo performance: Between this and the other there is something Valentines, Portland OR, USA

2023 Track for Daisart. Forthcoming.
2022 Mix for Scaling. Retreat Radio.
2022 Lavinia. C-.
2021 Contributor to “A Movement” by Sanna Helena Berger. Cherche Encore.
2021 The Piano. Schloss Salon, Cashmere Radio.
2021 Sounds like that pond is right here in the room. The Quarterless Review.
2020 The islands approaches are signals. TLTRPress.
2020 A guide for the seed in the wind. WET.
2019 Tales from Beneath Episode #10: Take you forward in history and show you something else.
2019 Tales from Beneath Episode #9: Moments of Recognition.
2019 A guide for the seed in the wind. Comissioned by N*ke.

2021-Current Co-founder of experimental text/sound project and performance series called amatter.
2020 Organizer + curator of sound poetry compilation Thou who holds but owns not published by TLTRPreß.
2017 Organizer + curator of reading until the other day the other lay in the other at American Medium, Nyc, USA.
2017 - 2019 Organizer + curator of reading series at Spoonbill & Sugartown Books, New York City, USA.
2017 Co-organizer + co-curator of reading series Alignment with LA Warman at American Medium, New York City, USA.
2017 Editor of chapbook series Alignment made for reading series at American Medium, New York City, USA.
2016 Co-editor of poem elements with Zoe Darsee as document to our writing workshops, published by TABLOID.